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Back to School

Next week I go back to school after twenty-two years.

This is a huge step for me. I wish I could say that I went to college the first time and finished, but I didn’t. I did, however, have a grand time living with roommates, dating my boyfriend, and skipping class to do who knows what. You could say that I still learned a lot during this time in my life, it just wasn’t anything that helped me finish my degree.

Now I have children going to college with me! I took my first class last January. I decided to hit it head on, and I began with the one subject that has given me grief my entire lift – MATH. I’ve never liked math and I knew that if I could prove to myself that I could overcome this obstacle, I could do anything. I took the class with Whitney, Kinley and Ethan. The timing was pretty crazy, as Ethan and Kinley were married the week after our finals. This class moved very quickly because it started on a junior high level and worked all the way through college algebra in one semester. I only cried three times in math lab, but I finished.

During summer semester I decided to take two block classes. This was also a miserable decision because the classes moved very fast, and it was summer! My kids wanted and needed my attention, but I knew I couldn’t get into my program this fall if I didn’t plow through and finish my Psychology class (a class I had dropped once 20 years ago) and my Health class (a class I dropped three times 20 years ago). So I did it. My grades weren’t perfect. My grades have never been perfect, but I finished with an A- in Health and a B+ in Psychology. I enjoyed both classes and I wish they wouldn’t have gone so fast. I also believe I would have enjoyed the lectures and interaction with other students, if I had the class at the university.

But it was all worth it! I finally get to start into my program next week! I’ve decided to get a degree in Integrated Studies with emphasis in Psychology and Leadership. I believe this will help me to build the Parent Advocacy Council and give me more knowledge to help run our companies. I’ve wanted to learn Spanish for a long time because we have roughly 1,500 employees that speak Spanish! My goal is to stand at the Christmas party this year and speak to them in their native language. I want to do this to show them appreciation for who they are and what they bring to our organization.

Cross your fingers and toes for me, I’m sure there will be more tears! Some tears will be because I’m proud of what I’ve achieved and other tears will be because I’ll be sitting in Statistics for the next nine months.


Last week I went to the Thanksgiving Point Gala. It was lots of fun and we came home with some pretty great stuff. This picture is of myself with Jeanette Bennett (Owner of UV Magazine and Mike Washburn, CEO of Thanksgiving Point).

I was asked to dress to look like I was attending the Grammy’s in the 40’s. First I went to Hale Center Theater to rent an outfit, but as they pulled several options for me, I realized I had the same thing in my closet and it would actually fit me right. So I went hope and pulled out one of my formal gowns that I recently bought, and watched a YouTube tutorial on how to do my hair in pin-curls. It all came together and we had a great night! People often confuse Jeanette and myself because we do look quite similar, and we attend a lot of the same events. Jeanette joked that we are the “Sequin Sisters”, because we rarely see each other in anything other than formal gowns.


I feel like since I stopped blogging consistently for several years now, I’ve lost huge chunks of my life. I know they still happened and I have glimpses of memory, but it’s hardly the same as being able to look back and read my thoughts. I want to change this.

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