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Ella, my monkey, is 9

My Ella, is 9. It’s quite unbelievable actually. She has never been a challenging girl to raise. She has been able to listen to reason, since she could talk. She has never screamed at me, and if she talks back in a whine (which she is finally trying on for size the past year or so) it’s barely audible. She is full of snuggles, and love. Combine that with a deep need to win, and you have Ella.

I remember once at a football game we went to, she would cheer her little heart out until we scored, “get em! Get em!!” and then she’d turn to me when they were crushed and say, “are they ok, I just feel bad that we tackled them..”

Ella is very strong physically, and tender on the inside. This always makes for funny happenings, like the time she ran to give 80 year old Grandma Ginny, and knocked her over When she was FIVE. Or when she knocked over my 35 year old friend Kent, at the airport on the way to Hawaii.

I love that girl. Happy Birthday, sweet Ella. We celebrated at Lagoon on Saturday, and her cute sisters blew up a ton of balloons, and taped them to her closed door do they would fall in when she woke up… So cute, and fun to see them party with each other without my direction.


Ella's Journal

One of my very favorite things about being a mother, is reading my kids journal. I know, I know… That may be considered snooping in some parents book, but in my house it’s expected – so does that count?

I found this entry yesterday, while cleaning backpacks left hanging in the garage, from when school got out. I thought I had purged all of them, obviously, I hadn’t.

I found a month and a half old sandwich in one of Brighton’s secret pockets – with a big ear wig hangin’ 10 that fell on my chest.

I screamed.

At least this journal entry made up for it.


There are more pictures of Cinderella coming soon!
My kids are off school and I will be otherwise engaged today.
 Have a great weekend!

Oh I almost forgot to post an example of how my kids act at important events….like the wedding reception that night.  We strive to teach our kids manners and luckily my friend Gage caught it on tape so it can be passed down through our family history.

*notice how all the tucks in the front of Monkey’s dress have been pulled and they don’t have shoes on*
This is why we nick named her Monkey! No girlie girls in this house.

The Essence of Bella

Yesterday I had the chance to go with the rest of our family, to Bella’s baptism. 
It was one of the most spiritual experiences of my life.  I have been to many baptisms but Bella is so close to the veil that the spirit was undeniable.

Bella is my sweet niece that is a blessing to everyone she knows.  
Bella is different, and beautiful.  
She has special needs in areas of schooling and social, 
but she is the most knowledgeable in the areas of love and  true giving of herself. 
These are far more important qualities if you ask me.  
She greets everyone she meets with a huge hug, smile and unrestrained excitement.  She is mischief maker and ALWAYS into something and I have MANY hilarious/classic stories to tell about my Bella, 
but today I get to share with you, the essence of Bella.
I was privileged to be the one who spoke on receiving the Holy Ghost.
I didn’t want to give just any talk, I wanted it to be special like she is. 
Bella has an amazing memory, so I wanted it to be wholly focused on her.  
Luckily, there were so many  kids being baptized, they split everyone up into different rooms in the chapel.  We were lucky to have our own personal service with family and close friends of the Singer family. 
It was perfect.
When I walked into the room,  Bella was getting her picture taken with her dad.
She looked SO EXCITED, I half expected her to fly away!  My kids were the same on their baptism day, but Bella was BEAMING with anticipation.  She was sticking her neck out in the picture to portray this.
We were all giggling and tearing up at the same time. 
I knew if I cried during my talk, she might be confused and think I was sad.
It took everything I had, to hold it together as I looked into her beautiful face and delivered my message. 
I am going to post the outline of my talk below.  It didn’t flow exactly like this because I didn’t read it to her.  This was just my guideline.  The reason I share it is because she was actually talking out loud to me in response to what I was teaching her!  
Usually we all sit quiet and listen to the speaker, but not Bella!  
She wanted to be engaged.  It was the cutest thing ever and everyone witnessing was so touched. 
I will highlight in red the things she said to me.  It isn’t exact because I can’t remember it all but it went something like this…

After you are baptized today Bella, you will be confirmed a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.  In this special blessing, you will receive the Holy Ghost.  The Holy Ghost is a very special gift that our Heavenly Father gives  to help us choose the right and be comforted during hard times in our life.  Bella, I want you to remember this day the rest of your life.   Heavenly Father gave you some very special clues on your body, so that every time you look into the mirror, you can be reminded.
(OK!! Aunt Janae!)
A MOUTH can remind you that the Holy Ghost speaks in a still small voice.  He is a good example to us of using a calm voice when we are talking to our brothers and sisters.  Remember to speak nice words and the Holy Ghost will stay with you always. (Giggling loudly)
 EARS can remind you to listen to the Holy Ghost because he will guide you and help you to choose the right.  We have two ears and one mouth because it is more important to listen than to talk sometimes. Always remember to listen to your mom and dad because they will tell you things that will help you stay safe.  (OK! I will listen to them!)
Ok Bella, we talked about our mouth and ears.  Next lets talk about our eyes. ( I will remember!).  Our EYES can remind us that we need to read our scriptures everyday because when we do, the Holy Ghost will stay with us and help us to choose the right.  It will also help us to look around and see the beautiful things in the world that Heavenly Father has given us.  He wants us to be happy, so remember to always look for the good every day and not the bad.  You will feel the Holy Ghost stronger if you do. 
Our HEART can remind you that sometimes you won’t hear the Holy Ghost, but you will feel a warm feeling in your heart.  The heart can also remind you that because Heavenly Father and Jesus love you, they have given you the very special gift of the Holy Ghost to help you return to live with them someday.
Our HANDS  can be a reminder of serving people around us.  Service makes you happier than anything else, so remember to help your family and friends whenever you can. This will also help you to feel happy inside. (Laughing aloud)
Our KNEES can help us remember to pray.  Sometimes we have a hard day and feel like crying.  If take the time to ask our Heavenly Father for help, The Holy Ghost will comfort us and help us feel better.   If we are scared, we can pray and he will make us feel better.  Do you remember how you feel at the cabin when all of your family is around the fire and you feel SO happy? (YES Aunt Janae!! I do!) OK, THAT is how it feels when the Holy Ghost is with you!
Every time you look at your FEET, I want you to remember that if you follow all of these things, you will be walking straight back to your Heavenly Father where we can live together forever with our families.  Always  remember to listen to the Holy Ghost  throughout your life  and you will be happy!
I say these things in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.
It was so precious. 
I wish I could have recorded it perfectly in my mind but the details are already slipping.
 I get so frustrated sometimes when I want to hold onto memories
 but they fade so quickly.  
Our closing song was “I Believe in Christ”.  It was powerful, not only because the words in the song are amazing but also because 
Bella was singing louder than the whole congregation combined! 
 Her passion was unbridled as she boomed her testimony for all to hear. 
 I was so impressed and felt the power of such a strong little girl.  
 Bella will truly change lives for the better.  To be as a child.  To be like Bella, innocent and pure.  
So many of us loose that.  I wish we all had just a little piece of Bella in us.  
We all have a lot to learn from her.

The Cub Scout

I don’t know about you, but being a Mother of boys is weird. Their whole life, they wear simple shirts, basic pants or shorts, and pretty average shoes. There aren’t that many options for haircuts for them, (unless you’re like me and shave MOM into the back of their head) and their socks are basically black or white. Their ties are probably the most exciting thing they wear to show their individuality and even that is pretty boring.

Enter Boyscouts.

What in the world are these people thinking? Today was the first day I had to get Jordan’s patches sewn on his shirt and I nearly had a breakdown. I asked Jordan where I was supposed to attach all of those things and he told me the arm, so I started sewing it on the arm. Then I decided that I’d better first check online…

Needless to say, I got out the blue thread and started sewing. I couldn’t figure out why it was so hard to sew on the patch until Ella walked out and started laughing. She told me it was iron on but it was too late. I was confused because it said it was a temporary patch that was changed out each year. I couldn’t figure out why I’d glue something on each year and then have to rip it off. Anyway, here is the video. It’s a lot easier to watch than to explain myself.

Click Link Below:

cub scout