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I’ve been hearing random people say that they saw me in a magazine and yesterday I finally saw it! I remember being interviewed a few months back and also having the photoshoot, but I had no idea where and when it would be printed. I’m heading to school right now, so I can’t write much about it – but it’s an honor to be featured in this magazine!

I have a great love of learning and encouraging women to find their passions and to develop them. It’s taken me over two decades to go back to school to finish what I started, but every minute has been worth figuring out how to fit it into my life. I’ve met women in my classes that have taken one or two classes over many years and are now graduating, and I’ve met women who mostly do online school and are graduating with more skills to better support their families.

Every person I meet at school, every day, gives me hope that I can keep going. School is not easy for me. I have to study longer for a test than most people I talk to, and I still don’t get the best grade. But it doesn’t matter. What matters is that I’m working hard at something that is hard for me. Challenging myself is the only way I can continue to grow. And if putting myself out there in the colleges’ magazine can inspire at least one person, it’s worth it.

I said to Jon last night, “Now I really can’t drop out!”

Today I woke up and got the kids off to school, like I’ve been doing for the 21 years, and then went trail-run/hiking/walking in my favorite place. As I was running through this valley, I was thinking, the mountains don’t care if you didn’t get ready before you came to work out that day. They don’t care if your clothes match and they certainly aren’t counting your calories. It’s a non-judgemental place to be free and create. Create your mindset. I took a little longer today and sat in a clearing to pray and write personal notes. Praying in nature is so powerful and I plan to do it more often. As parents, we spend so much brain power on helping our children. This is so important, but so is our personal sanity and peace. Have a great day!

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