Long Lost Friend

Last night I was standing at the information table at the Women’s Leadership meeting at UVU, just acting like I knew what I was doing when a super cute lady walked up and called me by name. I looked at her closely to see if I knew who she was. I meet new people every day and sometimes it’s hard to keep everyone straight. With around 2,000 people that work with us, new people I meet in the non-profit world, and the students in my classes – I can hardly remember my own children’s names. And don’t even ask me to try and recall their birthdates. Heck, I can barely remember the year they were born when the doctor asks me so they can look it up on their computer.

Anyway, this darling lady that called me by name said, “Are you Janae?” and I said that indeed, I was. Then she looked at Brighton and Ella, which I drug to the conference to help me and get good info with me, and she said she recognized them as well. I asked her how I knew her and she smiled and said that I didn’t. I was confused and asked her to further explain. She went on to tell me that she had followed my pinkmoss.com blog before Facebook was a big deal and that she knew so many fun things about our family. I laughed and gave her a big hug. She felt like an old friend to me, which is exactly how my blog feels. It’s like a long-lost friend that moved away, and I’m horrible at long distance relationships. Just ask Mandy, or Kori, or Melinda. They are some of my very favorite people in this world and I never reach out. Even my own Mother and Father would say they probably wouldn’t know if I visited Mars until I posted about it on Facebook.

Well, this meeting with my blog friend got me thinking. I miss my blog so much and I always do. I want to have time to do everything. I am writing countless papers for school and (GUESS WHAT) writing some really awesome stuff for the Parent Advocacy Council that will be taken nationwide. Anyway, I miss my parents and I miss my best friends and I miss my blog. Jon just walked through the room and asked me what I was doing – just now – and as I expressed my thoughts, he gave some great advice to JUST HAVE FUN! Write because it’s fun and don’t let it be overwhelming. So there you have it.

And because I feel like writing two blog posts today, I think I will. I have a story to tell.


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