Kinley + Ethan = True Love

This video captures Kinley and Ethan’s wedding day, perfectly. I’ll never forget the rain, the sun and the radiant atmosphere. The dancing took on a life of its own, and love floating all around was beautiful to watch. I cried, again, when I watched this beautiful video.

We were worried about the weather, and for good reason. The winds blew and even knocked out the sound system for the bridal march down the aisle. Luckily, Jonah, Ethan’s brother, had an iphone with the exact playlist we needed. And our friend had extra speakers from our business that he ran over really fast from his house!  When we finally figured that all out, the ceremony began. The sky cleared and the sun came out as my father, David Gourley, married Kinley and Ethan. He had to project his voice without a microphone – because it was knocked out with the sound system. Of course he did a fabulous job and I couldn’t have been more proud.

After the ceremony, the winds picked up (big time) and blew over all the flowers on the tables and every other beautiful decoration that Kenzie’s Events designed. (Which you can see she did an unbelievable job from the video!). The cake was luckily stable and very beautiful. Ethan’s mom made the natural decorations that topped it off. The kids hid under the picnic tables during the downpour, and everyone kept reminding me that everything would be okay. But I already knew.

When my kids were young, I’d ask that they ran out into the rain instead of come inside. This is a tradition in our family and we have so many fun memories of jumping on the trampoline in the rain, or running around together soaking wet! So when her wedding was pretty much all soaked, Kinley and I smiled. We saw beauty and peace.

Right before the reception started, the rain died down, the food trucks all arrived, the desert, the D.J… and the next part of our party began! Most of all, I felt so much happiness. My daughter had found the man of her dreams, and they were beaming. How do I even begin to share my thoughts about how important that is to me as her mother? I simply can’t. I have a ton of photos to share, but today (three months later!) I’m sharing her wedding video.

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