Unexpected Angel

Yesterday I met a man who was actually an angel. Angels seem to come out of nowhere, and always when least expected.

I had just experienced a beautiful hike up Provo Canyon, full of rich conversation, grand views and self-reflection. And because I ran out of time to change before I met this angel, I ended up face to face with him, wearing hiking shoes, an extremely high bun on my sweaty head and not a hint makeup. Of course, angels don’t really care how much makeup we have on, and so it didn’t change his perception of my worth.

I can’t remember a time when I wasn’t adequately dressed for a business meeting, because first impressions can make or break a deal. And so this experience taught me something of great worth. My words, his words, and my hero friends’ words were all that mattered in this meeting. Our collective experience and vision for the future of our community were enough to help me realize that spirits may wear bodies to journey through this life, but they are not their body.

And as I pray for answers from a Heavenly Father that loves all, and sees all, he answers me through the spirits around me – everyday. How do we get answers to our prayers? It’s by slowing down enough to hear them. It’s by not having a preconceived notion about where they will come from, when they will come, or what it will look like.

I didn’t deserve such a blessing yesterday, but after experiencing our home burglary, I was extremely grateful it came. My new angel friend admonished me to “Never let anger take you over” and to “Remember that the young man who attacked your husband has a story that brought him to this awful place”. I couldn’t agree more, and it was good to hear it from him.

My new friend shared his career path with me and some brief history of his family. He was impressive and it was clear that he’s spent a lifetime sacrificing his energy into building people. He mentioned that now he was shifting gears and ready to invest his time in Utah, and that he intended to learn more about the program I built called The Parent Advocacy Council.

After I shared my background and he saw into my soul, I realized that I was wearing a body, too. Crazy-haired, hiking-booted, busy Janae – actually could have been an unexpected angel in his day – and I feel blessed as I realize this today. I don’t see myself as an angel. In fact, I pray for angels to surround me everyday, but I hardly see myself as ‘good enough’. Why is this? Wasn’t I blessed with gifts and talents that would enrich the lives of those around me? Weren’t you? And yet we focus our time and energy – in fact our very self value on how the world views success. I am not as skinny as I used to be, I have more wrinkles than I’ve ever had, I am forgetful because I try to do too much, I let down those people I love the most – I fail daily. But maybe that’s why I’m an angel. If I didn’t feel, these hard experiences, how could I help others?

And so I smiled and became lost in conversation with my friends. I listened to how he saw the Parent Advocacy Council enriching his work. I learned from his experiences and realized that as I’ve felt so alone in pushing this movement forward, others were by my side, all along. I was just to busy to see them, and I didn’t realize my answers to prayers would come in this way. And when he reminded me to “Never give up and to keep pushing when it feels hopeless”, I knew that he had experienced this for himself. And that the trials he’s faced in his career, actually are now motivating me. And even though I’m sure he’s felt alone before, I was by his side working to support him without even realizing it.

All three of us in the meeting were angels, and so are you – who knew?

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