Home Invasion

I’ve always wondered what would happen if someone came into our home with intent to steal or harm. Now I know.

Yesterday, we had several men here working to finish our basement. Loud sounds and yelling to communicate over power drills and banging, were expected, and had been heard throughout the day. And so, when I finally fell asleep around 12:20 a.m. and Jon was still working on the house, it didn’t startle me awake when he yelled for help.

We have guests staying with us now from Kinley’s soon-to-be family, and sweet Anne Marie came to knock on my door as I was waking up. I hurried to put on a robe as I tried to wake up. I was so confused when she let me know that someone was fighting. I thought she was referring to a disagreement, but soon realized it was much more.

Jon had come into our garage to get some screws for the basement, when he noticed that his car door was cracked open and the lights were on. He walked around the side of the car to shut the door and the man was standing by the door. Jon called out “Ethan?” because the man looked a bit like Kinley’s fiancé, but he didn’t answer. The man lunged at Jon and punched him in the face and kicked him in the groin. Jon said he was so stunned – and they began to fight. The wrestled on the ground and Jon shoved him into the car and they fell back down on the ground to wrestle, again.

Eventually, Jon got him in a bear hug from behind – right when Kinley walked out into the garage. She heard Jon calling for someone and came to see what was wrong, because she had just got home from her CNA job not too long before. Jon yelled at her to hit him in the face, and SO SHE DID! It was so brave of Kinley. Ethan wrangled the guy in a choke hold and pulled him to the ground with Jon. Randy ran to help keep the guy pinned down on the floor.

At that point, I came out into the kitchen and opened the door to see Jon holding a man, face down, on the ground. He yelled to call 911 and Jon went for his gun and threatened him to stay face down and to stop trying to get away. He was obviously medicated in some way that made him really strong, and we didn’t know if he had a gun or not. About five sirens and policemen came as fast as they could and ran into our back yard to back up Jon and our family. I was so grateful to them for being kind and responsive!

Seeing this young man, about 25 or so, decide to go looking for cash or medications in our car in the middle of the night – was really scary and sad. As I heard him crying out in pain because his wrists were hurting from being held down, I was saddened what people will do for drugs.

I am so grateful that Jon is a fighter and could protect the family and I pray that this young man can get the help he needs. I was glad we had the gun for protection, because I watched how he struggled to keep fighting, until he knew how serious it was. He also had baggy clothes on and he could have easily been carrying his own weapon.

This is what I learned last night: I plan to lock my car inside my garage from now on, because I don’t want to worry if there is someone in the back seat. I will continue to lock our doors and I’m very glad we invested into door knobs that automatically lock when the doors on the exterior of the house shut. We are installing more motion censored lighting around the house – and even considering getting a dog for protection that does more than snore – like Marley did… haha… At least Ray barked a few times.

Jon is shook up, as to be expected – but together we decided that we should tell our friends and neighbors so they can be more diligent. Lock up. This world is crazy and people have motives that can put your family at risk. At first we didn’t want to tell our young children so they wouldn’t be scared, but we decided we’d use this as a learning experience to be more cautious. I’d urge you to do the same. We live in a very safe neighborhood – but things can happen in an instant that could potentially change our lives.

Okay, well it’s time to head off to the rest of my day. Be safe.

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