Bora Bora

A long time ago, I was a newly wed.

Jon and I started out like most young couples, without many resources. We were in business debt up to our eyeballs, stress up to our ears, and we barely managed to survive each day.

Because we are accustomed to surrounding ourselves with a high level of stress, (because of business and a large family) I’ve also gotten really great at placing things around my house to bring peace and joy. Splashes of bright-colored pillows, music that makes us dance and smile, smells that plug into the wall, and lots of pictures around the house of wonderful people and memories – are just a few of these things.

I had one postcard of Bora Bora that hung on my fridge for at least the first three years. Come to think of it, it may have even been a picture I cut out of a magazine, because I don’t know who would have sent me this postcard. Either way, this beautiful place on earth has been a bucket list item for me, for a long time. Every time I passed my fridge or got something to eat, I imagined what it would be like to stay in a hut on the Pacific Ocean. Honestly, I don’t think I could even imagine it. I still can’t.

Fast forward twenty-plus years, and my butt will be sitting  in this hut THIS FRIDAY! I am over-the-moon excited! We don’t have the time to be here – but we are making the time for our twenty-first anniversary. Our business paid for it with our C4 (Corporate Alliance) membership, and we have some sky miles saved up from the business cards, and so we are going to make it happen! I’ve been packed for a week and I can barely wait! I’m a bit worried about my Math class, but I’ll even practice the quadratic formula on the hut, if it means that we’ll be able to go!

My message for you today, is that we need to never give up on our dreams! Cut them out. Tape them to mirrors or your fridge. Believe in your goals and WORK HARD. Nothing comes without the dream, or the struggle. The victory will eventually manifest itself – in one way or another. Sometimes it doesn’t look like the picture we hang, but blessings do come from having true intent. Visualizing happiness, breeds happiness. I’m not saying that life will be perfect, because it’s not meant to be – but I am saying that good things happen to the people who take time to recognize them.

Take the time to find your own personal BORA BORA – and never give up until you achieve it!

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