I never planned on humiliating my son.

First, I got a call from our nanny, Kelsey, letting me know that Jordan and Keegan’s little sister, Leelah, had cut each others hair for fun. I was at Brighton’s soccer game with Jon, and I about died. This isn’t the first time we have had hair issues with Jordan.

This first time was CRAZY HAIR DAY! All of his sisters were getting their hair done up for this special day at school, and Jordan complained, “MOM, there is nothing BOYS can do to have crazy hair. It’s so BORING!!! I HATE this!!!”

It only took a minute to remember his life long dream of having “hair like my Grandpa Moss…” (who is bald), so I whipped out those trimmers and went crazy town! Kelsey was standing there laughing, his sisters were laughing, and i have to admit that I was snickering a bit. I thought he would be horrified, but he LOVED it! He thought he was the coolest cat around, and I felt proud of my work.

12238429_10208491314226730_5512891673578229477_oJordan’s hair gradually grew out and it started to look a little less like a seven-year old Grandpa. I actually like him with some hair on his head, but the second Jon had the chance to shave it back off, he did. He likes a buzz on a boy’s head for summer…and even though it was early April, he was ready.

I waited a month again and I had visions of Jordan’s hair being longer on top and shaved on the sides like all the other boys are doing now… and then this happened. Thank goodness Leelah’s long blonde hair wasn’t as horrible as I first imagined.



May the 4th be with you, Jordo!

Jordan Realizes his mistake VIDEO


That’s right, he finally realized what he had done. I let him know that he’d have to go to school the next day with his new “do” and I’d shave it off after school. I thought this was the best way to teach him a lesson.

When he returned yesterday afternoon, I was ready to erase his mistake … until I heard that he lied to everyone at school and told them that I messed up when I was cutting his hair, and that’s way it looked so awful. After a bit of discussion about lying, I told him that now he’d have to wait until tomorrow to get it shaved off, and I could finish off his hair cut to my liking, because everyone thought I had done it anyway.

Seeing as this weekend was Mother’s Day, I chose this festive design. He can’t decide if he’s horrified or if it’s kind of funny. Either way, I don’t think he will cut his own hair, or his friends long locks of hair, again.



I mean, what else was I supposed to do?

Happy Mother’s Day to all my lovely friends!


And sitting in the midst of all this excitement, is Marley. Steady. Bored. And completely enjoying her life.

Miss Marley Video

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