Just eat Carrots

I often wonder how I can build non-profit organizations, plan huge events, build businesses and Mother seven children – but I can’t take care of my health.

It should be easy because it makes so much sense, but it’s not. Telling someone to change their eating and exercise habits, is about as effective as telling a smoker they’re hurting their body with their cigarette, or reminding a workaholic to slow down and enjoy the scenery. It’s pointless. Somehow, that change has to come from within.

We are only given one body to carry us through this life, and it’s crazy how most of us abuse it, myself included. I’ve decided that food is just as dangerous as any drug, only it affects us in a different way, slowly eroding from the inside out. It’s socially acceptable to eat for every occasion, emotional day, celebration, work party – the list goes on.

I went to get my blood drawn today, and it was super fun… The nurse even asked why they were checking so many things in my blood, and quoted me an insurance bill of $2,400. I’m sure that I’m fine, although after having a hysterectomy two years ago, I need to start hormone replacement therapy. I actually should have a long time ago, but I live by that river “Denial”. I have some sort of twisted idea that my positive attitude will overpower high cholesterol or osteoporosis.

So, I’m trying. I’m trying to be more active. I want to drive in my Jeep Wrangler body, not my Station Wagon body. I need my bodicle to get good gas mileage and stay cruisin’ down the auto bon, instead of broken down on the side of the road – trying to learn how to change a flat. It’s really that simple, but somehow I need to train my body and my habits to keep up with my knowledge. Maybe it’s as straight forward as putting duct tape over my mouth until I see a carrot. I’m not sure, but I’m determined to figure it out for myself and my family. This is the point in my blog post that I should putting “before pictures” of my unhealthy body, but I won’t. I don’t want to hate my body and shame myself, I want to love the body that I was given and start treating it better.

Did I mention that it’s nice to have a quiet blog? Well it is. There were only 17 people who checked my blog yesterday and I’m used to around 100,000 a month. Kind of crazy. I said my farewell on the My Mommy Style Periscope today, and that was weird. If I continue to blog, it will be here. If I continue to periscope, it will be @janae_moss. Everything is up in the air now, but I’m enjoying it that way.

Tonight I went on a date with my hubby, Jon. At one point I looked at our outfits and had to laugh. I was wearing a hat with one of our businesses’ logos, and he was wearing a shirt with another. It hit me, once again, that business owners never get to clock out. You take it ALL home with you – so why not wear it plastered to your clothes, too? Our conversations include employees, taxes, payroll, and strategy – everyday.

jon and janae moss

Good night, my friends, it’s time to sleep.


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