2011 Lesson #2 : Don’t Carpe Diem

I rarely, if ever refer people to articles to read, but I LOVE this.
It describes perfectly how I feel about frustration in motherhood, and I couldn’t have said it better myself, or even paraphrased and not taken away from it’s beautiful message.
Enjoy! Have a great weekend!

My darling hubby took ALL My kids to the “GUN SHOW” so I could be sick, alone, and read.  Heaven only knows what they will bring home from that experience, but “Frankly Scarlet, I don’t give a damn.”

love that man.

2011 Lesson #2 : Don’t Carpe Diem

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As a Mother of six daughters and one son, our family life has always been busy and looks something like organized chaos! My mission is to share bits and pieces of this story, in hopes that it will encourage you to find your voice and share it with others. We all have a message that can bless the world around us, and the first step is to figure out what to say. I found my passions through reading and writing on my first blog, and I hope you'll be inspired to do the same - as you laugh, reflect and learn with me. I'm happy you're here!